• How often does the server wipe?
    • We typically only wipe when we have to due to server stability or broken content. 14 days has been the norm as of late.  We will try and go a full month when content/stability allows.
    • We won’t wipe Blueprints unless it’s dev-forced.  We do change up the maps.
    • Game updates come out every-other Thursday afternoon-ish, I try to time wipes with the updates unless something is broken.
    • Dev’s usually force a wipe for map-breaking changes the first Thursday of each month.
    • When I can I will give a heads up on a wipe at least a day or two in advance. Check the blog for updates.
  • Is there a map?
    • http://www.playrust.io has up to date maps – just search “Rusty Moose” and win. No we don’t have the plug in, we’re vanilla.
  • What is the Admin role on this server?
    • In a nutshell: to keep the server “clean”. We ban folks that don’t like to play by the rules.
    • We will help fix your base, if we can, after it’s been griefed (which is against the rules).
    • No I’m not a contractor, if you screw up your base during the build you might be S.O.L. Try me though I might be in a good mood 🙂
    • No I can’t TP you to your friend.
  • What should I do if I suspect a hacker?
    • Let Errn know in a PM. Shouting hacker in pub chat typically doesn’t help.
      If Errn isn’t on just do your best to gather some evidence (and a name!) if you can. Screenshots or videos work wonders.
  • What’s in the new content?
    • Game patches/updates happen every Thursday. Usually between 4-6pm EST but they’ve been known to be earlier or later.
    • Rustafied is a fantastic site for real time game updates/content and the Dev Blog will give you some info on what’s in the pipeline.
  • Do you have a TeamSpeak server?
    • Yes we do!  I don’t post it publicly but if you have friends on the server already you can get it from them if they use it. Or I will give it to you after you’ve been on the server for a bit.

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